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Why Counselling

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Why Counselling

Ms. Vandana's experiences have driven her passion to be a source of guidance for students who face a number of challenges while making future choices. She has found students to be in a state of confusion due to course choices, parental and peer pressure, competitive stress and so on. She is eager to guide her students towards a career choice where they no longer feel that by selecting a career they are fulfilling an obligation. Her intense exposure and involvement with the Senior Secondary School students has helped her in identifying possible points of intervention which could help them move towards a better, informed career choice.

She wants to serve as a change-agent for her students and help them in making career choices that are aligned with their passion and calibre. With the urge to invest time in youth, Ms. Vandana is motivated to help them overcome stress and anxiety so that they can plan out their future in a better way!

Her experience as an educator allows her to understand situations from a student's perspective, which parents and others might miss out on. She understands the core need to keep students motivated during the process of making career choices. For her, counselling is an opportunity to make an impact on a child's life in a substantial manner.